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Original title: The third day of the Swiss Badminton Open (quote)

“Cosine” broke into the women’s doubles quarterfinals (theme)

China Sports News Beijing time on March 23, the 2023 Swiss Badminton Open entered the third match day, and each individual event entered the 16-to-8 competition. Women’s doubles top seeds Zhang Shuxian/Zheng Yu defeated Chinese Taipei’s Zhang Jinghui/Yang Jingdun 21-19, 21-10 to advance to the quarterfinals.

Zhang Shuxian/Zheng Yu stopped in the semi-finals of the All England Open, and they became the top seeds in the Swiss Open. The continuous battle also made them encounter many challenges. In the first round of the race, Zhang Shuxian/Zheng Yu defeated the Chinese Taipei team Lin Wanqing/Xu Yaqing 2-1 and broke into the top 16.

In the second round of the main match on the 23rd, Zhang Shuxian/Zheng Yu’s opponent was Zhang Jinghui/Yang Jingdun, another Chinese Taipei pair ranked 42nd in the world. This is the first time the two sides have played against each other. The “Cosine” combination entered the state a little slowly at the beginning, and fell behind 9-4 at one point. But the two slowly adjusted, gradually catching up to the score and coming from behind, grasping the key points, and narrowly winning 21-19. In the second round, Zheng Yu/Zhang Shuxian got better and better, played coherently and quickly, leading by a big score of 11 to 3. Then the “Cosine” combination played more and more smoothly, and kept the advantage until the end. They easily secured the victory 21 to 10, defeated their opponents 2 to 0, and advanced to the quarterfinals.

In the men’s doubles match, the Chinese team Ren Xiangyu/Tan Qiang’s opponent is Lu Jingyao/Yang Bohan from Chinese Taipei, the 7th seed and the 13th in the world. In the first game, the Chinese team took the initiative in serving and receiving, got more offensive opportunities, formed coherence and double pressure, and won the first game 21 to 15. In the second game, the opponents speeded up, and the Chinese team was a little uncomfortable, and fell behind 2-6 at one point. Then they adjusted in time, hit an 8-1 spurt, and took the lead 10-7. The game fell into a stalemate in the middle game, and the opponent tied the score at 15. At the critical moment, the Chinese team withstood the opponent’s continuous attack, played a defensive counterattack through multi-shot stalemate and line changes, and re-established their advantage 19-16. In the end, as the opponent returned the ball to the net, Ren Xiangyu/Tan Qiang won 21 to 17, defeated their opponents 2 to 0, and broke into the top eight men’s doubles.

In women’s singles, both Han Yue and Zhang Yiman lost to their opponents and stopped in the top 16. The national badminton singles, which performed well in the All England Championships, did not perform well in this station, and no one entered the quarterfinals in the men’s and women’s singles.