‘The country is proud of you’; Jaya comforts Chahar

Mumbai: Jaya Bhardwaj’s fianc Deepak Chahar has been ruled out of the third ODI against South Africa after batting close to victory. Chahar was not to be saddened by India’s defeat in the match. The player was sitting on the edge of the boundary line when he broke down. Following this, Jaya consoled the actress through an Instagram post.

Jaya shared pictures from Chahar’s match and a video of her training on Instagram along with a long post. It starts with the title of congratulatory post for Deepak Chahar.

‘I’ll seen you wake up every morning for training. As you saw in yesterday’s match, you go down to every game with the desire and excitement to put out the best performance.

Every day you land on the ground is tough. Non-playing days are tough. But it is the hard work and dedication you put out on and off the field that makes you a true champion.

Sometimes we win a match like cricket. Others sometimes lose. But the performance you put out the other day was to make a whole country proud. You have proved that you are ready to fight to win the most difficult battle for your country. We’re proud of you. ‘ Jaya’s note.

Chahar led India to victory from the brink of defeat in the third ODI against South Africa. He hit 54 off 34 balls with five fours and two sixes.

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