The country will no longer exist, there will be re-education, the state agency writes

What should Russia do with Ukraine? The pro-Kremlin commentator Timofey Sergeyevev on the website of the Russian agency RIA Novosti asks about and answers this.

According to him, the “denacified” territory can no longer be sovereign, nor can Ukraine be called, and the newly formed People’s Republics must be completely under Russian control. One of them will be intended for those who “They hate Russia.”

The commentator, who writes on the agency’s website at great intervals, practically only about the corruption of the West, the futility of Ukraine and how great Russia is, spoke on Sunday about the definition of Nazism.

And about what can be done with it. Specifically, therefore, in Ukraine, whose “denazification” began a month ago, and which definitely does not end with a “special military operation”.

Vice versa. It wants a whole new generation to grow up in a territory free of Nazism, in a territory completely under Russian control, in a territory where there is no longer any Ukraine.

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