The Country with the Most Troops, Number 1 is in Asia


Chinese soldiers hold a military parade in Beijing, China. Photos/REUTERS

BEIJING – Military strength, including the number of soldiers, is an important thing that must be owned by the state. There are several countries in the world whose military troops are more than 1 million people, who are ready to become the main pillars of domestic defense.

Here are the 6 countries with the most troops.

1. China

Based on data published by Statista, China ranks first as the country with the largest number of troops in 2022, which is 2 million personnel.

Meanwhile, China is deliberately investing in advanced weapons and equipment. The Bamboo Curtain country is modernizing its armed forces by overhauling its military command structure.

In March 2022, the Chinese government announced that its defense budget would be at least $229 billion for the 2022 fiscal year. This figure is an increase of 7.1% from the previous year.

2. India

India is also included in the ranks of countries with the most military personnel in the world. By 2022, India will have 1.45 million active military personnel.

For the military budget for 2022-2023, the country provides funds of USD 54.2 billion. This year, India spent $7.43 billion in capital for the purchase of new weapons for the air force.

Meanwhile, the navy was given around $6.36 billion and the Indian army was allocated $4.28 billion.