The Court of arbitration for sport will void the lifetime ban of 28 Russian athletes

The Court of arbitration for sport will void the lifetime ban of 28 Russian athletes


This is a coup de théâtre in the long descent to the underworld of the sport Russian for two years. The Court of arbitration for sport (LOT) has delivered its verdict on Thursday 1st February on the call by 39 Russian athletes excluded for life from all olympic competition by the international olympic Committee (CIO) doping : for 28 of them, the condemnation is cancelled, for the other 11, the exclusion will only be applied to OJ Pyeongchang, reports the daily Kommersant. The LOT has estimated that, in 28 cases, the evidence gathered by the CIO were insufficient to establish the offense of violation of anti-doping rules.

in addition, the individual results of these 28 athletes to the olympic Games of Sochi in 2014 are restored. It is, and will be returned to Russia two gold medals, six silver medals and one bronze medal, placing again the host country, leading the list of Sochi.

“We are all happy that justice has finally triumphed”, said the new Russian minister of Sport, Pavel Kolobkov, quoted by the daily Moskovsky Komsomolets. the “The LOT has confirmed that, among the accused, many of them were athletes ‘clean’. Those who fought for the recognition of their rights were defeated, and eagerly await to continue their career.”

At the Kremlin, the morale is notched. The spokesman Vladimir Putin, Dmitry Peskov, quoted by, is pleased to note that “the energy expended for the restoration of our rights in the courts and others have borne fruit. Efforts need to be pursued.”

The day before, Vladimir Putin had asked for forgiveness…

The day before, the morale was not that good when Vladimir Putin has received the national champions in his residence in Novo-Ogarevo. the “Their number and especially their state of mind were very different from what had prevailed during the similar meeting that had preceded the OJ of Sochi”, reports Moskovsky Komsomolets, reminds one that, with 169 athletes “invited” by the CIO in Pyeongchang, the Russian team has never been reduced since 2006.

“Sorry not to be able to protect you”, is a certain way repented the chair in front of the athletes rather dull. Protect from what ? Situations in which “the sport is mixed with politics,” and that“even within our country’s public opinion is radically divided on this issue.” The assistance of sport have been very moved by the support of the chair, note the title, who admits that it was : “To which the president has he ever asked for forgiveness publicly ?”

In response to the decision of the LOT, CIO expressed “disappointment that the LOT had not taken into account the offences, the systemic nature of these 28 athletes”, and that “the court’s decision could have a serious influence on the future of the fight against doping”.

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