The court sent an executor to Rath

“The recovery of the second half of the fine imposed on David Rath has already been handed over to the executor, who will conduct the standard execution proceedings,” court spokeswoman Hana Černá told ČT, adding that the proceedings are still at the beginning and its outcome cannot be predicted. The spokeswoman did not specify which executor’s office put Rath on the table.

In addition to the seven-year sentence, which the court finally confirmed last June, Rath also received a fine of 10 million crowns. He paid half of February this year and asked the rest for pardon, but without success. The second installment was to be paid on June 20. The penalty concerns corruption in the award of a tender for the reconstruction of Buštěhrad Castle in the Kladno region.

Rath’s lawyer Roman Jelínek has stated in the past that his client has no money. She told the court that in such cases enforcement would be carried out by way of execution, and if even that was not successful, an order of alternative custodial sentences could be considered. In Rath’s case, the court set 2.5 years.

Rath’s case is divided into two branches, both of which concern corruption in the award of contracts in the Central Bohemian Region. In the first part, the court found him guilty of bribery in a tender for the Buštěhrad chateau, his main co-defendants – former director of the Kladno hospital Kateřina Kottová and her husband Petr – also convicted him of rigged tenders for the reconstruction of the grammar school building in Hostivice and the purchase of equipment for Kladno and Central Bohemian hospitals. They were imprisoned after six years.

In the second branch of the case, according to an invalid verdict at the turn of 2011 and 2012, the central trio agreed on bribes for manipulating tenders for hundreds of millions of crowns for the purchase of ambulances for the Central Bohemian rescue service, reconstruction of the Cologne hospital pavilion, pavilions in Mladá Boleslav hospital and reconstruction of part of Kladno hospital.