The COVID-19 Mortality Rate in RI is Higher Than the World Average


COVID-19 deaths have continued to increase. The percentage or death rate of COVID-19 in Indonesia is higher than the world average death rate.

“When we see, the national mortality rate, our mortality rate is at 5%,” said Government Spokesperson for Handling COVID-19, Achmad Yurianto, through a live broadcast of BNPB Indonesia’s YouTube channel on Monday (7/5/2020).

“This is also relatively higher than the world average, which currently stands at 4.72%,” said Yuri, her nickname.

Yuri explained that there were currently an additional 82 COVID-19 deaths. Thus, accumulatively there have been 3,171 people who died related to COVID-19.

“There are 82 deaths cases recorded today,” Yurianto said.

Watch the video ‘COVID-19 Death Rate in RI Higher Than World Average’:

(dnu / dhn)


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