The Covid-19 would have killed 5 at the Tonus Vitamine nursing home in Draguignan

A real tragedy hits the Draguignan Vitamin Tonus nursing home. According to our information, the accommodation establishment for dependent elderly people has recorded five deaths in recent days. The co-manager, Lisa Chauvin, contacted on Thursday, refused to speak.

As a reminder, ten days ago the Dracénoise structure deplored 37 contaminated residents out of the 72. However, according to the families, it turned out that some of them tested negative at that time finally turned out to be positive some. days later.

Four nurses wanted

The situation is still very worrying today, especially since the president of the order of health professions warned of the need for reinforcement of nurses in health and medico-social establishments in the Var. Including the Vitamin Tonus nursing home which “is looking for four IDEs (State-certified nurse.” Information relayed two days ago by the regional councilor Josy Chambon.

A situation under pressure, a need for assistance which was not yet considered ten days ago by the co-manager of the structure. Lisa Chauvin then affirmed that there were enough non-contaminated staff (1) to ensure the care of all residents. What has happened since then?

Yesterday, some families who had already denounced a lack of care and support for residents did not hide their anger. “My mother died after having tested negative on October 17,” says Florence Aillet. “The last time I went to visit him, I saw that his room was located in the middle of those of the infected people. “Covid” signs were hung on the doors. The sick boarders came out of their rooms. They circulated freely in the common areas. No sensible and relevant action has been taken by management. It is shameful ! “, assures the Dracénoise.

“They didn’t manage anything! “

“I entrusted my mother to this establishment to ensure her safety, including health. They didn’t manage anything! “.
Fear is growing within families, all the more so as they no longer receive any information from management. “There has been no communication for ten days. I send emails, no one answers. Director Gilles Chambaz is no longer present. We do not know how many residents are positive today. This is unacceptable ! “, insists the spouse of a resident who does not understand this indifference towards relatives.

To get some news, the families contact each other. “Sometimes we manage to cross-check information. We learn that some have died. “

1. 13 staff were carriers of the virus on October 17


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