The Covid crisis has pushed up food prices

VDo you think you’ve paid more for your food in recent months? It’s not just an impression! According to the Price Observatory, dependent on the FPS Economy, food products suffered an inflation of 3.2% during the second quarter, compared to the same period (from April to June) of last year. This clear increase in prices compared to food inflation in the first quarter (it was then + 2.1%) is particularly noticeable for unprocessed food (+ 6.1%), processed products. ‘being less highly expensive (+ 2.4%). So it’s the fresh food that really cost you more. A few examples: in the second quarter, the price of fruit rose by 11.6%, that of pork by 5.6% and that of vegetables by 5.2%. We will console ourselves by learning that, thanks to the sharp drop in energy prices (-16.3%), total inflation was zero in the second quarter …


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