The cow escaped from the slaughterhouse. They found her on a water slide at Noizz Water Park

In the past, there have been reports in the media or on social networks about cows escaping to the slaughterhouse before their deaths. Usually, however, they headed from there to a meadow or pasture. But a certain cow in Brazil ended up in a relatively unusual place.

After her escape from the place where she was waiting for defeat, she does not know how she found herself in a nearby aqua park. In addition, she did not look for grass in it or just walk on it, but she chose one of the toboggans there.

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At the attraction, which would be able to carry a maximum of 205 kilograms, the 320-kilo animal was slowly descending, informs the Metro portal. Just then, a cow in an empty water park was probably noticed by one of the employees, who decided to capture the whole situation on video.


When the animal has managed to slide into the pool, other employees were already informed of his presence in the aquapark, who helped him get out of the water back to land. Although it might seem that the cow’s escape ends here, this is only partially true. However, she did not return to the slaughterhouse.

According to available information, a ranch owner located west of Rio de Janeiro found out about the runaway cow. He decided to adopt the animal and turn it into a pet, which he named Tobog.

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However, not everyone in Brazil has the same happiness as the mentioned cow. This South American country is the largest exporter of beef in the world. Not only does a huge number of cattle die because of him, but its production also contributes dramatically to deforestation and greenhouse gas emissions.