the CR7 show masked the bloodshed of a replacement!

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Of the match between Manchester United and Villarreal, only one image will remain. That of Cristiano Ronaldo, snatching the victory at the end of added time before stealing his jersey on the night of Old Trafford to celebrate the goal with the supporters. An image which obviously occupies the news of the Red Devils, and which will allow at least for a few hours to forget another controversy.

Van de Beek furious at not coming home

Donny Van de Beek, the Dutch midfielder, did not appreciate the turn of the match at all and especially the coaching of Ole Gunnar Solskjaer. The manager of the Red Devils left the former Ajax player on the sidelines after having made only four substitutions against the possible five.

And at the moment when Solskjaer chose to bring Fred and Lingard into the match without calling on him, Van de Beek did not hide his anger by throwing a chewing gum on the ground with a face betraying his nervousness … teammates have also quickly tried to calm a player who is not part of Solskjaer’s priority plans.

to summarize

Manchester United’s night ended on a high note with the goal of the deliverance of Cristiano Ronaldo which offered the victory against Villarreal. But a replacement did not hide his anger during the meeting …

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