the cream of French streaming collects more than 10 million euros for Action Against Hunger – Release

For the sixth edition of the charity marathon organized by Twitch star Zerator, the 52 invited streamers managed to raise 10,064,480 euros, shattering their records from previous years. In 2020, they had raised 5.7 million euros for Amnesty International.

The features are drawn, the voices broken. It is almost 1 o’clock in the night from Sunday to Monday and yet, in La Grande-Motte (Hérault), we are still shouting. In front of a computer, 52 of the main French streamers exult, sing, hug each other. And they can: in one weekend, they have just collected more than 10 million euros – 10 064 480 to be precise – for the association Action contre la Faim. “We did it guys! You are bosses, shouts Zerator, one of the weekend’s two organizers, megaphone in hand. 10 million euros brothel! Do you realize what you did? It’s incredible !” Behind their screens, nearly 707,000 spectators attend the party. A record. Never, in France, so many people had gathered in front of the same live Twitch, at the same time.

10 million euros, 707,000 “viewers” … The 2021 edition of the Z Event – the sixth – will have been undoubtedly that of all records. Since 2016, the two Montpellier residents Adrien Nougaret, better known under the name of Zerator, and his sidekick Alexandre Dachary, known as Dach, have invited, for a weekend, the flower of the French Internet to participate in this marathon. charity (mainly gaming) in order to collect the maximum amount of donations for an association.

From 170,000 euros in March 2016 for Save the Children to 10,064,480 euros this year for Action Against Hunger, therefore, the sums pocketed explode with each edition. This year, the duo of organizers, with the aim of always aiming higher, had also organized a concert the day before the opening of the event. Thursday evening, streamer LittleBigWhale and music youtuber PV Nova, trio LEJ and rappers Kikesa and Fianso took turns on stage at the Palais des congrès de La Grande-Motte.

Nicolas Sarkozy, marriage proposal and mullet cut

To collect these millions of euros, each of the participating streamers invites their subscribers or passing spectators to make online donations on the Twitch platform. In order to mobilize their community as well as possible, everyone sets goals and challenges to achieve at each level exceeded: the «donations goals». This is how we could see on Friday evening Mister MV reading Nicolas Sarkozy’s bestseller in front of the camera. the time of storms to his viewers first with the microphone off, then with the voice modified on autotune, Chowh1 ask his girlfriend to marry him in the middle of the other videographers or the little newcomers from Twitter Amine and Rebeu Deter forced to organize an expedition Paris- Marseille by walking in the coming months. As with each edition, each other’s hair has also taken a toll. It will be a mule cut for Kameto and a half-shaved head like Ronaldo – the Brazilian – during the 2002 World Cup for his friend Kotei.

In 2020, the cast of the Z Event had to wait until the start of the evening on Saturday to reach its first million euros collected. This year, five short hours will have been enough. As in previous editions, the 2021 version has stirred wide. Beyond video games alone, sports, quizzes and other artistic activities also had a predominant place during the weekend.

Saturday evening, the presenter of Questions for a champion and also a follower of Twitch, Samuel Etienne, came to pass a head to animate “Question for a streamer”, derived from the daily program of France 3 preferred by the elderly. An evening that continued until late at night (or early in the morning) with a long karaoke. From Queen to the famous Downwind from Garou and Céline Dion, via Sniper. All groups and styles of music (or almost) have been there. At that time, the total amount collected was “only” 2.6 million euros.

It was finally in the “final sprint” on Sunday afternoon that everything accelerated. In a few hours, the pot explodes. The breaking of piñata is increasing to celebrate each new million euros reached. Absent from this edition, the number 1 French youtuber, Squeezie, still participates in the party by making a donation of 40,000 euros on the live performance of the young Inoxtag, considered by many spectators as his worthy successor. The same Inoxtag that will attract the wrath of part of Twitter and streamer Ultia for several jokes deemed misogynistic. The only small tension of the weekend evaporated after a discussion between the two participants in front of their respective subscribers.

Then, in the home stretch of the weekend, the bar of 10 million euros is approaching. The two organizers then understand that the objective set by several of their guests will be achieved. “It’s over, we can never do better, it was the last Z Event”, jokes Zerator. As soon as the 2021 edition is over, a (very short) post is published on Twitter to tease the next marathon: «Z Event 2022…» In the meantime, a certain Emmanuel Macron went there with his tweet to congratulate all the streamers: “By mobilizing all together, we can move mountains: you did it # ZEVENT2021, you did it again this year! Well done. ”