The credit d'tax window kept at 30 % until'at the end of l'year

The credit d'tax window kept at 30 % until'at the end of l'year


It was not part of the concessions officially announced by Emmanuel Macron on Friday during his visit to the convention triennial of the building, but we knew this relaxation acquired : the finance commission of the National Assembly voted on Wednesday in the end of the day an amendment to the finance bill 2018 allows the windows to maintain a tax credit energy transition (CITE) 30 % until 31 December 2017. The first version of the finance bill would bring back the QUOTES to 15 %, as from 27 September .

The sudden nature of the plane had outraged the unions of the woodwork and threw the confusion in companies joinery : some customers had signed their estimate but their deposits had not yet been received at the September 27, gold the QUOTE to 30 % was limited to those fulfilling these two conditions so that the cumulative 27 September. So what to do ? Not to mention that the law Hamon household 14 days of withdrawal period, which makes it delicate to the collection of the instalments. The Confederation of craftsmen of the building (Capeb) challenged the nature of “retroactive” to this plane. December 31, has the merit of not taking the customers by surprise, and clarifies the situation.

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Other concession, the carpenters, the QUOTE, who should fall to 0 % march 27, 2018 in the previous draft of the finance bill, will ultimately 15 % of the 1st January to 30 June 2018. For the rest, Sébastien Lecornu, secretary of State to the minister of the ecological Transition, said in the microphone of RTL on Monday that in 2019, the windows (and only them, not the doors) may still be eligible for assistance, contrary to what had previously been announced. But this assistance will be subject to conditions : it will require that the window replacement was done within the framework of a bunch of work, loft insulation, for example, being considered more efficient to save energy.

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