The crime of the teacher in the north of Córdoba: fire, robbery and a shocking discovery

The woman was murdered in La Merced neighborhood, in San Francisco del Chanar. The victim, Patricia Montenegro (46)was a teacher in the primary school of that locality who was moved by the fact that, for the moment, it is being investigated as robbery homicide.

The The teacher’s boyfriend found out what happened and was late to testify. The 47-year-old man lives in the city of Córdoba and traveled to visit Patricia but he did not find her. He reported that in the house at 500 Presidente Roca Street, everything was hermetically sealed.

According to the story he gave the Police, through a window observed fire in the mattress in a room. She added that she entered the house, put out the flame with a can of water and called the police station.

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Sources linked to the investigation explained to that around 22″a search protocol was activated throughout the town but they could not locate the woman.” Around 1 a.m. this Thursday they came across a shocking scenario: the teacher was dead in a cistern with water that supplies a pool in the patio of her own home.

The cause was left to the prosecutor of Deán Funes, Fabiana Pochettino, which works on the hypothesis of a homicide on the occasion of robbery. However, one researcher stressed: “We still can’t rule anything out.” The possibility of a case of gender violence was also under analysis from the beginning of the investigation.

Initially, the victim’s partner noticed the theft of money that was in a box hanging on a wall of the house, a clue that leads mainly to the robbery theory. The teacher’s cell phone was under the bed and will be examined by the investigators.

On the other hand, prosecutor Pochettino was waiting for the results of the autopsy ordered for the body of the murdered woman. She, in turn, arranged for the Scientific Police to work at the crime scene.

Photo: Franco Samuel Farías/Diario Primer Informe.

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Patricia’s crime caused a stir in San Francisco del Chañar, the small town that is the head of the department of Sobremonte. The woman, mother of two children, lived in a neighborhood built almost 20 years ago.

His neighbors They stated that the place is “super quiet” and they did not notice serious problems of insecurity to foresee an event of this magnitude. Nevertheless, The twelve reported last June robbery suffered by the mayor of the town, Marcelo Eslava, in his own home.

The victim was teacher at “General San Martin” primary school and many families remembered her for having educated their children. The fatal outcome generated strong concern.