IN IMAGES – Since last Thursday and until this Sunday evening, the Company of the Machine of Nantes scrolls giant automatons in the pink city.
            Toulouse boiling. From Thursday until this Sunday evening, the crowd is seated on the Capitol Square and in the adjacent streets to see the Minotaur, a mechanical animal entirely designed by La Machine, the world-famous street show company based in Nantes, for the pink city. Fully funded by the city, it will settle permanently from 9 November at the Halle de la Machine, where he can carry up to 50 visitors on his back, like the Grand Elephant company in Nantes . On Friday, the second day of the epic "The Guardian of the Temple," Ariane the Giant Spider made a dizzying entrance to Capitol Square in a deluge of smoke and a symphony of violins and percussion.

            ERIC CABANIS / AFP Then, in front of spectators moved and delighted, crowded on the Place du Capitole and in the alleys around, the beast half-man and half-bull begins its long-awaited wanderings in the "labyrinth" Toulouse. Drawn from a "waking dream" by François Delarozière, artistic director of La Machine, the lime tree giant vaults, bends, rears, grazing the crowd in an artificial snow magic, accompanied by an orchestra perched on nacelles in the shape of airplanes, probably in tribute to the aeronautical history of Toulouse.

            ERIC CABANIS / AFP "There is creativity but all that is embodied in the geography of a city," commented LR Mayor of Toulouse Jean-Luc Moudenc, during a press conference, "The Machine invites the population to reclaim the city ". Despite "cold sweats" in terms of security, the mayor "has always defended the idea that we should not deprive Toulouse of these moments" of cultural creation. "I think it will create an additional element of identity for our city, an element of attractiveness vis-à-vis the outside. And today culture is a lever of economic attractiveness, I am sure, "he said.

            ERIC CABANIS / AFP

            ERIC CABANIS / AFP

            ERIC CABANIS / AFP.


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