The crown against the euro and the company passed through the last and last interventions of the National Bank and the crown

The koruna against the euro underwent a sharp push due to NB interventions in favor of the koruna. The koruna gradually jumped from 25.45 to 24.95 CZK / EUR, thus wiping out half of the weakening of the last few days. Other currencies in the region had a development, the Polish zloty (4.68 PLN / EUR) stagnated and the Hungarian forint (-0.7% d / d; 382 HUF / EUR) weakened due to global developments. The sending of the dollar, which sent a maximum of 1,041 USD / EUR to the euro from the early 1,053 in the morning, which is on the brink of the highest dollar in the last 20 years, gave a global impetus. The subsequent koruna finally strengthened against the dollar by 20 halls to 24.0 CZK / USD, when the strengthening of the koruna dampened the dollar’s gym.

J&T BANKA, privtn a investin banka spnch

Since 1998, he has been offering services and counseling that not only meet the current needs of the client, but also take into account family relationships and the time horizon. Protect property not only from economic influences, but also against legislative changes and the living God. They include multi-generation asset management and succession management, investment advisory, securities trading, asset management and structural assets, and lifestyle management services. In addition to comprehensive family office and private banking services, it provides specialized financing in the field of real estate and corporate acquisitions.

In addition to the J&T Bank, its Slovak branch, J&T Banka dd in Croatia and the Slovak banking group 365 (two Potov banka) belong to the J&T Finance Group SE banking holding.

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