The CSD was under the auspices of the knife attack

It was supposed to be a big festival for equality and against discrimination and exclusion, but also the Würzburg “Christopher Street Day” (CSD) was under the impression of the knife attack on Barbarossaplatz at the weekend. The opening took place two hours after the attack on Friday and began with a minute’s silence for the victims. Lord Mayor Christian Schuchardt emphasized that, even in the face of a terrible crime with fatalities and injuries, it was an important sign to open the CSD in a framework appropriate to the situation.

“Our thoughts are with the victims and their relatives,” emphasized Schuchardt in front of around 70 people from the Würzburg LGTBIQ community in the courtyard. It was right to open the CSD anyway: “It is a highly democratic event that demands that we treat each other peacefully and decently.”

The opening took place without music

The organizers had previously consulted with the OB and other politicians present and then decided to allow the opening of the CSD to take place without music. “We are experiencing again that hate interferes in our society. We have to counter this as people who want to get along in peace with one another,” said Axel Hochrein, spokesman for the organizer “Queer Pride Würzburg eV”, explaining the decision.

After a lengthy discussion, the organization team then decided not to cancel the other program items at the weekend either. “Violence and hatred are issues in society, and if we do not hold the CSD, nothing will change,” said Queer Pride board member Heino Gövert in an interview with the editorial team: “It is also a sign of our community that we support mutual respect and love. ”

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Not all of the 450 CSD tickets awarded in advance were used on Saturday, the tragic events were repeatedly discussed in the speeches between the show acts. For example by Björn Soldner from “Rosa Hilfe Würzburg eV” – he pointed out that completely innocent people with a migration background experience mistrust and hatred as a result of the knife attack. Soldner appealed to urban society not to allow this to happen: “Let this beautiful city be as lovable and livable as we all would like it to be for all people who want to live here.”

“Thank you for remaining visible under these terrible omens.”

Alliance spokesman Burkhard Hose

The motto of the CSD 2021 was “Gaymainsam”, among other things as an invitation to the LGBTIQ community “not to divide themselves into too many boxes and lose sight of the common goals”, said co-organizer Martina Kapuschinski. The patronage was the Würzburg Alliance for Democracy and Civil Courage.

The alliance expressly supports the decision to hold the CSD in an appropriate framework, emphasized Burkhard Hose as the alliance spokesman in front of a colorful bicycle demo with 230 participants at the end of the CSD on Sunday afternoon: “Thank you for remaining visible under these terrible omens It is important that we practice solidarity this weekend and stand up for the dignity of all people. ”

LGBTIQ is an abbreviation for people who do not feel they belong to the heterosexual social norm. Christopher Street Day commemorates the first gay protests against exclusion and police violence on June 28, 1969 on Christopher Street in New York.

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Even 52 years after the first protests there is still a lot to do in Germany, said Axel Hochrein on Friday. Among other things, he criticized the fact that last week the Bundestag rejected a reform of the transsexual law or the lifting of the blood donation ban for gay and bisexual people: “The constitution does not say that all heterosexual people are equal before the law, but that all people are equal before the law, “emphasized Hochrein. Among other things, he called for Article 3 of the Basic Law to be supplemented with a ban on discrimination based on sexual orientation.