the cult replicas of the film in 10 videos


Forty years ago, Jean-Claude Dusse, Popeye, Gigi and their friends ran down the slopes of Val d'Isère for the first time on the big screen.

Released on November 21, 1979, the film The Bronzés ski Patrice Leconte celebrates his 40th birthday. After The Bronzed, Released in November 1978 – which had made 2.3 million admissions, a good result but not a record for the time – is the producer Yves Rousset-Rouard, uncle of Christian Clavier, who persuades the troupe of the Splendid and Patrice Leconte to write a second film in the wake.

When it was released, the film worked without stirring the crowds, making less entrance than the first part (1.6 million). But it is needed over time and its many rebroadcasts on television, "17 so far", says Patrice Leconte – as one of the essential of the French comedy, "propelling with a small turbo"he says, his career and that of the actors.

"It's also a movie that does not get old", says Patrice Leconte, saying that "Splendid movies, it's probably the most family-friendly".

1"On a misunderstanding"

"Listen Bernard, I think you and I have a bit of the same problem, that is, we can not really bet everything on our physique, especially you, so if I can afford to give you one advice is: forget that you have no chance, go ahead, go for it! We never know, on a misunderstanding it can work "

(Michel Blanc, in the role of Jean-Claude Dusse, to Gérard Jugnot, in that of Bernard)

2"Do you have some dough, you have juice?"

"You have some dough, you have some juice?" So with the dough you make a pancake, and then you put some juice on it!

(Bruno Moynot in the role of Gilbert Seldman, to Marie-Anne Chazel aka Gigi, who works in a creperie)

3"When will I see you again"

"When will I see you again, marvelous country, where those who love each other live together?"

(Jean-Claude Dusse singing on a chairlift where he is stuck for the night)

4"Excuse me, but you are urinating on my car"

(Bruno Moynot, playing Gilbert Seldman, to Gérard Jugnot, in the role of Bernard)

5"Next year, I ski in the month of July"

"I bought this apartment from the 15th to the 30th, if everyone goes over for half a day, what's going on next year, I'm skiing in the month of July"

(Bernard to the previous tenant of his apartment)

6"Boyfriend like pig"

"Buddy is his name, we call him that, boyfriend pig …" "But eat it, your pig!"

(Jérôme, general practitioner played by Christian Clavier, and a couple who brings him a pig to treat)

7The stick planting

"Mr. Dusse, what's wrong is the planting of the stick" "I'll plant the stick, me!"

(The ski instructor and Jean-Claude Dusse)

8"I do not know what keeps me from breaking your mouth!" Fear, "Yeah, that must be it …"

(Michel Blanc and Thierry Lhermitte, aka Popeye)


"Does that mean that eventually, if you were at the end of the line, we could consider concluding?"

(Jean-Claude Dusse to Nathalie – Josiane Balasko – and Gigi, when they wait for help in the mountains)

10"I am vegetarian !"

"What's the little white stuff in it?" "That's the worms … Well, yes, there's meat too" "I'm a vegetarian!"

(Jean-Claude Dusse and the mountaineers who make them taste a local specialty, fougne)


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