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The culture choices of La Croix: this week, the body as it goes

Every Friday, La Croix selects the best of artistic creation.

Is the role of art to show what is beautiful, or to make beautiful what it shows? Of Diary of a body from Daniel Pennac to My age of Fabienne Jacob, of the Awful From Ariel Crozon to Jean-Louis Fournier and his Autopsy, the novelists chose their side, taking hold of the writing of anatomy as it goes – or does not go. Vulnerable, weakened by the years, damaged by an accident, deformed by a handicap, imperfect bodies are displayed more and more, including on television. And, far from the unreal plastics of magazines, reveal their singular beauty.

– Plastic arts

Rembrandt did not recoil before the truth of the bodies. In Amsterdam, the Rijksmuseum unveils almost all of his collection of works by the painter – nearly 400 engravings, drawings and paintings. Where one discovers a virtuoso and free artist, who at the ideal of the antique nude, preferred wrinkles, mittens and dimples.

– Theater

In 1978, a young mime and director, Hervez-Luc, founded the company of Bird-Fly, in Roubaix. 40 years later, this permanent troupe of professional actors with disabilities still exists. It presents this year its 50th creation, Devils, under the direction of director Michel Schweizer.

– Television

In the French television landscape, often criticized for its lack of representativeness of society, the series Red Bracelets, around young patients of a hospital, is an exception. Broadcast on TF1, season 2 addresses the weight of others' eyes, especially on anorexia and mental disorders.

– Literature

There is a lot of desire in The Tunnel, Avraham Yehoshua's latest novel. At 82, the great Israeli writer imagines the story of a sexagenarian, husband filled and former road engineer who has just diagnosed Alzheimer's disease. The advice of his neurologist? Activity, including sexual. "The code of desire is engraved in the mind and not in reason," he wrote. Whatever the age.

Jeanne Ferney



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