Every Friday, The cross selects the best of creation. This week, women are in the limelight.

To be a woman, in France and elsewhere, yesterday or today. These days, artists pay tribute to the courage and determination of famous or anonymous heroines. They experienced war or misery. They hit relentlessly on locked doors. They have imposed their voice in a score dominated by that of men.

Coincidence? Probably not, at a time when women of all ages and social backgrounds are demanding respect and equality. In purple to demonstrate against sexual violence. In yellow vest too, to protest social injustice.

► On television

In the Hippocrates series, by Thomas LiltiEvery morning they put on a white coat. Work outfit but also combat, for these young interns in medicine discovering the lack of resources of the public hospital and the daily proximity to the disease.

"Hippocrates", the new medical series

► At the opera

The disease, Violetta, shattering heroine of La Traviata, from Verdilived it in his flesh. That's what defines it, according to the lyrical soprano Vannina Santoni. At the Théâtre des Champs-Élysées, the latter gracefully sings her burning desire to live.

Vannina Santoni, incomparable Traviata

► At the museum

La Traviata rocked the childhood of Paula Rego, unique woman of the London School. The cross met this great visual artist of 83 years, while the Museum of Orangery, in Paris, dedicates his first exhibition in France. " The fear goes away in the painting, she says. We can even change the past in a painting, do justice if necessary … "

Paula Rego, painting for exorcism

► At the theater

The art to exorcise his fears. Locked up in prison, women imagined by Mohamed Kacimi in All my dreams leave from Gare d'Austerlitz, rely on the magic of theater, a Christmas night. Revisiting Musset's famous play, We do not play with lovethey escape a few moments.

Studio Stains Theater, Christmas between four walls

► In literature

Another powerful woman was born under the vibrant pen of Laurent Gaudé. His novel Salina retraces the odyssey of a wounded soul. Dispossessed of her destiny, she becomes a legend thanks to her son's words.

"Salina, the three exiles" by Laurent Gaudé

Jeanne Ferney



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