The current largely restored after a major breakdown in Puerto Rico

The current largely restored after a major breakdown in Puerto Rico

The island’s only electricity supplier, the Puerto Rico Electric Power Authority, plans to restore power to the 326,000 customers who are still without power by mid-day. In recent months, the island has experienced many power outages, but this is the largest since the devastating passage of Hurricane Maria in September. On his Twitter account, the governor Ricardo Rossell suggested to Puerto Rico Electric Power Authority to cancel his contract with a subcontractor who caused the power outage on almost the entire island. According to Justo Gonzalez, executive director of the Puerto Rico Electric Power Authority, an excavator operated by subcontractor Cobra Acquisitions reportedly caused the blackout on a major power line between Salinas and Guayama in the southeast of the island. For the time being, hospitals are operating through emergency generators, including the largest public hospital on the island and at the international airport. There was no cancellation or delay. Even the power company said that its own customer service center was not functional. Last week, another major power outage deprived 870,000 customers of power after a tree fell on a power line. Passengers are evacuated from a stationary train after the blackout paralyzed the island. Photo: Reuters / Social Media 40,000 people without power since September “It’s too much to cash out,” said Luis Oscar Riviera, explaining that electricity had been restored in his home, there is a little less than two months. It’s like living hurricane Maria again and again. Luis Oscar Riviera As June approaches, Mr. Riviera fears the arrival of the hurricane season, because the electricity network on the island has been deficient since September. “If there’s a storm, no matter how small, it’s going to get worse,” he worries. Prior to Wednesday’s outage, more than 44,000 of Puerto Rico’s 3.3 million people were still without electricity since Hurricane Maria. Most of the island had regained its electricity as the company rebuilt his power grid, which had been decimated . Since September, tens of thousands of Puerto Ricans have made the choice to leave the island to settle in the United States, especially in New York and Florida. Last week, federal officials told the US Congress that they plan to set up a plan by June to strengthen and stabilize the power grid, nearly 75 percent of which has been damaged by strong winds and floods. . The US Army’s engineering department, which oversees the current restoration efforts, hopes the current on the entire island of Puerto Rico will be restored by May, a few weeks before the start of the USSR season. hurricanes in the Atlantic. However, many believe it will take longer, and a group of federal lawmakers have asked the US Federal Emergency Management Agency to expand the mission of the Army’s Engineering Department to at least until May 18th.

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