Henry Thomas has a curse. The actor played Elliot, E.T.'s friend, as a purse, a role that led him to fame from an early age but that later did not allow him to shine. He fell into vices and addictions when he could not maintain his reputation in a demanding industry and that pigeonholes actors with roles.

Thomas reached the top of the sky on a bicycle when Steven Spielberg directed him in the "E.T." movie. One year, 1981, he had previously debuted in the movie "El mendigo".

He worked with Martin Scorsese on "New York Gangs" and accompanied Brad Pitt and Anthony Hopkins in the cast of the noventera "Leyendas de pasión".

He participated under Milos Forman in "Valmont", but the film ended up eclipsed by the premiere of "The Dangerous Liaisons" by Stephen Frears, an adaptation of the same novel as the film of which he was a part.

He almost left the cinema due to his bad fortune and was about to be dropped into the hands of music with his band "The Blue Heelers", and came to compose songs for a film by the brother of director Aki Kaurismaki.

He played the mythical Norman Bates of Alfred Hitchcock in "Psycho IV: The Beginning", but he is one of the few actors that went unnoticed on paper.

Now Mike Flanagan signed him to play the father of the family in the horror series "The Curse of Hill House", in the version of the past of the haunted house that brings so many hardships to the family protagonist. Now he is at a key moment, but this time he wants to fly without a bicycle.



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