The customer was upset about the price of coffee, the company was fined

The man complained that the price was not on the menu behind the bar. And precisely because of this mistake, the company, which is famous for its coffee and won several competitions, got into trouble with the police.

Espresso in Italy usually costs one euro (less than 25 crowns), although most companies raised prices earlier this year due to supply chain problems and crop failures, said The Guardian.

Italian consumer organizations have warned that the average price per cup of espresso could climb to 1.5 euros.

The owner of the café, Francesco Sanapo, decided not to keep quiet about the hardship and reported the case on social media.

“I was fined because someone was offended that he had to pay two euros for decaffeinated coffee. Do you understand? ”Sanapo asked indignantly in a video showing a letter from the police.

One of the methods by which caffeine is removed from the grains requires their long soaking and subsequent filtration of the obtained liquid with the help of carbon.

Sanapo also explained that he buys coffee beans from a small plantation in Mexico and that the coffee in his company is prepared by baristas “with great care.”

“Someone can get so upset that they stir up the police, which fines us for not following the outdated law,” said Sanapo, who explained that the price was on a digitized menu that customers could access by scanning a QR code. .