The Czech company offers a non-traditional “caravan”. It has to replace the cottage and you can take out a mortgage on it

  • The small mobile cottage offers an unconventional opportunity to spend free time in various places in nature

  • The wooden structure is located on a two-axle trailer. An ordinary passenger car, which can weigh 3.5 tons, will suffice for towing

  • The basic price of the mobile version is CZK 1,450,000 without VAT. Some banks allow you to take out a mortgage to buy

The coronavirus pandemic has greatly changed the way recreational travel takes place. It further strengthened the demand for motorhomes, and at the same time, previously seen products, for example in the form of miniature caravans, also came to the fore. The Czech company Rolling Homes is currently another relatively unconventional opportunity to go out into nature. You can buy a mobile home for this purpose.

It is based on aluminum construction, but it is widely used in accordance with current trends in the field of wood ecology. In fact, it is a wooden building 6.5 m long, 2.5 m wide and 4 m high. The aluminum frame is intended to ensure strength on the road or on the water. A two-axle trailer is not the only way to make this house mobile. Another moving alternative is a houseboat.

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If you are looking for a “caravan” variant, then you will get an almost seven-meter hut on a two-axle trailer, with which you can drive around. An ordinary passenger car is enough for towing, but it has to handle 3.5 tons. A B + E driver’s license is required to operate this kit legally.

The Rolling Homes cottage has a kitchen, living room, toilet, shower and bedroom. You can reach for the version that includes connection to the mains and waste, for an additional 250 thousand you will get a completely separate version equipped with solar panels and tanks for drinking and waste water. You can also choose between several levels of smart solutions. At the top, everything is controlled via an application on the phone.

The price is not the lowest. You can also buy a full-fledged motorhome for 1.5 million, but this does not offer such great comfort when camping. In addition, according to an official press release, some banks have already included in their offer specific financial products designed specifically for such mobile homes, so you will be able to take out a mortgage on your mobile home.

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