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Updated:02/02/2020 01: 42h


Two women of 43 and 22 years of Romanian nationality were arrested in Pamplona last week as alleged perpetrators of robberies with intimidation, mainly elderly people, and through the «Affectionate hug», And jewels seized worth 10,000 euros.

Specifically, a man reported that he was approached by one of the detainees when he was about to enter with his vehicle in the garage. The woman entered half the body through the driver’s window with the excuse of asking for money. The man He felt so intimidated that he didn’t realize he was taking his wrist watch off. Agents detected that several similar pieces had been sold by two women in an establishment.

The police investigation began with the complaints lodged in various police units, in which the victims reported the removal of high-end watches and other types of jewelry through several criminal typologies with the same denominator: the victims were advanced persons age, and the way to address them by criminals was by the method of “affectionate hug” (the victim is approached with affectionate and caressing phrases), being the alleged female authors of countries in Eastern Europe. Recently there have also been cases in Murcia and Castellón.

Modus operandi

The scammers they approach the victims with the offer of false forms for the collection of signatures in support of non-existent charities or organizations and even with the offer of sexual favors, as explained by COPE. The duration of the episode is usually very short and seeks to create confusion with the intention of placing the victim in a position of surprise and confusion; and take advantage of that moment to subtract jewels or any other valuable item.

In addition, it is characterized by a careful selection of victims within a certain profile: elderly people, who are at that moment alone and who wear jewelry or valuables in sight.


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