The Danish football player who won the European Championship was fired because of his advertising video in Dubai

He lost two of his jobs in no time Brian Laudrup, the Danish 82-time European champion soccer player who took part in a commercial promoting Dubai despite his country condemning Qatar for human rights violations and gay laws.

The Danes are the vanguard of the effort to internationally condemn the Middle Eastern country, which is trying to legitimize and gain recognition by hosting the soccer World Cup.

A Visit Dubai in the compilation on his website, you can see and hear how the former star of the Danish national team, Laudrup, talks about the goal he scored against Brazil in the 1998 World Cup and his legendary jubilation. In addition, the 53-year-old sportsman spoke highly of Dubai, the portal wrote.

Laudrup said that he was contacted by an English advertising agency, he had no intention of doing anything wrong, he was simply making a statement about a country that is visited by 65 thousand Danish tourists every year.

At the same time, he does not feel that he made a fool of himself, since he acted in good faith, but unfortunately, sports and politics got mixed up.

According to Daniasport, in any case, it seems like a strong own goal that he promoted an emirate where homosexuality is illegal, since he himself was involved through his daughter:

Rasmine Laudrup because he is the world champion show jumper Cathrine Dufour his wife.

Although he may have done well financially, he himself felt his role, because all the The politics daily newspaper, all in Danish Tv2 thanked him for his work so far.

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