The Dark Side of Cosmetics: Animal Cruelty in the Makeup Industry

Makeup and the cosmetic industry have been part of human beauty since prehistoric times, starting with organic matter such as clay, pigmented earth, flowers, among others. However, with modernization and the massive growth of the world’s population, competition and demand grew significantly. This led the industry to have to change its manufacturing methods and innovate the recipes for its products.

The industry, dissatisfied with the rivalry of other companies, was forced to find a way to evolve and elevate its formulas. Therefore, material was implemented without prior knowledge of the reaction of the human epidermis, which led to experiments on different animals. According to the Senate of the Republic, more than 500 thousand animals die annually in the hands of the cosmetology industry due to processes that involve being burned, mutilated, poisoned and gassed. In the event that they survive, they are subjected to the tests again until they die.

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One of the most common experiments is the one used to measure the corrosivity produced by substances on the skin. They shave part of the animal’s skin and place the chemical in the area, it is covered with gauze for a few hours and as the days go by, the degree of irritation that has caused the skin is measured, without using analgesics. This process is not completely effective, since the skin and the irritability of animals and humans are not the same. Another process full of cruelty is in which the possibility of cancer cell growth is studied.

Chemicals are used that could generate the growth of tumors. After two years, the animal is killed and the results of this test are examined, if the results are negative, the formula will not be used. So the process will start again with different mixes and animals. Although there is a wide variety of tests, there is no crueler than another.

In the world of makeup, a revolution led a number of conscientious people to challenge traditional practices and opt for cruelty-free makeup. In 2021, “Humane Society International” launched a campaign through an animated video called “Save Ralph the Rabbit” whose intention was to raise awareness among the population about the issue, since it was unknown information.

Big differences, big unions in fashion

In this, it is possible to observe the treatment and conditions in which they keep the animals and helps to empathize both with Ralph’s story and with the real processes. With the viralization of the short, #freeralph became a trend, which put pressure on companies and the cosmetics industry to come forward and be forced to change their methods. Being a hot topic and great concern, there was a great loss of customers by companies that were not willing to innovate.

Although 80% of countries continue to allow research on animals, numerous recognized brands around the world, such as Glossier, Fenty and Rare Beauty, have promoted and implemented 100% vegan formulas. So they show that animal cruelty is an excuse, but not an impediment. In Mexico, there is a wide variety of companies that are beginning to implement cruelty-free makeup in their lines, such as Alvaro de la Mora makeup, Fois, Lu cosmetics, and Teia cosmetics.

An interview was conducted with one of the founders of TEIA cosmetics, a Mexican brand that is dedicated to creating natural, organic and abuse-free products. To inform more about the subject and raise awareness, during the interview, Carla talks about the processes behind the development of a brand that gives importance to animals and the environment.

Likewise, it mentions the importance of having an original certificate, which shows that the ingredients are not tested on animals and making sure that the suppliers that collaborate with the brand meet these requirements equally. People who don’t care about buying cruelty-free makeup mostly back it up on the grounds that it’s not cheap or less durable. However, Carla comments that this assumption is false since the quality is the same or even better. As for the prices of the products, they are normally the same since the production process is the same.

Animal research for cosmetology brings with it various ethical dilemmas. It harms animal welfare, since human beings forget that they are also living beings who feel, cry and deserve a decent life. Animal experimentation involves suffering and seriously endangers the life of the living being, and all in order to obtain scientific information for one’s own well-being, issues that demonstrate a sense of selfishness and lack of empathy. Likewise, intensive breeding and the conditions in which they are waiting to be used for tests are degrading and unfavorable.

There are endless alternatives that show that it is possible to create beauty without the use of animals. In addition, the results are much more reliable, since there is a huge difference between biology and the reaction to different chemicals between humans and creatures.

It is essential to understand what is behind the cosmetology industry to raise awareness and sensitize people about the unnecessary suffering to which animals are subjected in the production and testing of cosmetic products.

It is crucial to encourage a change in attitude and promote the adoption of more ethical and cruelty-free practices in the industry, encouraging consumers to opt for brands that are committed to making products free of animal cruelty. Customers are often unaware of the processes and materials behind their favorite products, so spreading the word is critical to living in an ethical, cruelty-free world.

Ethical makeup has emerged as a response to the animal cruelty that has plagued the cosmetics industry for decades. However, in recent years, a revolution has emerged in the world of makeup, with a growing number of conscientious people defying traditional practices and opting for cruelty-free makeup. Ultimately, the art of ethical makeup is transforming the cosmetics industry by showing that it is possible to create beauty without causing animal suffering. With a conscious approach and increased demand for products, a future can be built where beauty and compassion go hand in hand.


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