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The dark side of this 80s sitcoms

In the wider world of saccharine family sitcoms of the 1980s, a bizarre, well-populated subgenre developed: comedies about the unsuspecting subject of orphans. Perhaps fueled by the continuing popularity of the musical Annie or Anne from Green GablesIn the 1980s there were many shows about children who have terrible courage despite their deceased parents.

On Diff rent strokes, Gary Coleman and Todd Bridges each played Arnold and Willis Jackson, two African-American children raised from a sad parental life in Harlem by a friendly white millionaire (Conrad Bain), who takes them to his deluxe apartment in the sky. Diffuse blows I have never said much about the traumas or race / class issues that would determine such a situation in real life. It did not Diffuse blows clone Webster, Emmanuel Lewis as an orphaned child of a football player living with his best friend (Alex Karras) and his wife (Susan Clark).

But Punky Brewster could be the saddest orphan of all. This vehicle by Soleil Moon Frye was a sad and lonely old man (George Gaynes), who picks up the titular orphan. You see, Punky's father left, and then she left her mother in a mall with a little more than two inappropriate shoes and a dog named Brandon.


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