The world of David, the gnome, A gentle show about magical creatures and forest animals, served as the basis for Nick Jr., Nickelodeon's block of toddler and preschool-oriented programming. This richly animated series is based on the classic Dutch children's book The secret of the Gnome by Will Huygen and Rien Poortvilet, followed by a tiny, impressively bearded David (warm – hearted in the English language version of Happy Days (Father Tom Bosley) and his gnome family and friends, while he pursued his silent gnome life, loitering in trees and caves, dodging trolls and passing from one place to another through his animal lover Swift the Fox.

The world of David, the gnome went heavy on the gnome mythology, even more than in the last episode of the show. According to gnome lore, gnomes live up to the age of 400 – exactly – and for the running of the show, David and his wife, Lisa, were exactly at 399. And so, at the end of the series, death came for David, Lisa, and another 400-sliding gnome named Casper. Or rather, you came for death. They did what 400-year-old gnomes do, and ritually accepted their fate by going to the aptly named mountains of the hereafter. Swift the Fox accompanies them and serves as a sad, sad surrogate for the audience of three-year-olds watching as David, Lisa (and Casper) transform themselves into trees.


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