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Home News The date of the arrival of Sala's body to Argentina

The date of the arrival of Sala's body to Argentina

The Argentine striker, Emiliano_Sala, who died in the crash of a small plane on board the Manche last month, is being flown to Argentina on Friday, the mayor of the town of Progreso told AFP.

Sala died at the age of 28 when his plane and pilot David Ebotsson crashed on January 21 from the French city of Nantes, where he was defending the colors of the team, to the Welsh capital, which moved to their English club Cardiff City.

"Emiliano's body will arrive in the late afternoon on Friday to Progreso," said Progreso Mayor Julio Mueller, who spoke to the player's family.

"The family will decide," he said, adding that Sala's mother, brother and sister had arrived at Progreso.

A diplomatic source told Agence France-Presse that the body would arrive on a commercial flight to British Airways, at 0500 GMT on Friday.

The initial autopsy report, presented Monday at a short hearing in Bournemouth before the committee investigating the causes of death, showed that the direct cause of Sala's death was "head and trunk injuries" and fingerprint identification.

Sala's body was recovered from part of the wreckage of a small plane in the middle of last week, while the fate of the pilot is still unknown.


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