When the steady ringing of her father's cell phone became irritating, Jemma Keys decided to ignore it. Her father, former Sky Sports presenter Richard Keys, was snoring softly on the floor of her holiday home in St. Ives when a series of WhatsApp messages appeared on the screen of the phone. Then the peaceful afternoon vines were destroyed. "Your father has an affair," Jemma reveals today a memory that is deeply rooted in her memory. "My heart has stopped beating. Then I asked, "With whom?" "Jemma's mother, Julia, was already suspicious, picked up her husband's phone, and found a trail of confidential messages from another woman. Even worse, the woman was a close friend of Jemma – a young lawyer named Lucie Rose – less than 61 years old

Regrets: Jemma Keys, the daughter of dismissed Sky TV football expert Richard Keys, opens the abusive texts that have brought her to courtThe actress Hollmaoaks, the actress Jemma, 33, has never before heard publicly about the shock, the confusion and the betrayal in this moment spoken in 2016; The moment when her parents' 36-year marriage began to unravel in the most disastrous way. But maybe it was Jemma who felt the betrayal the most. Not only did she lose her closest confidante, but she also lost the most important relationship of her life – with her much-loved father. The terrible revelation was just the beginning of a turbulent, two-year-old nightmare that plunged Jemma into the depths of her decade long fight with alcoholism. The pain and injury reached a humiliating crescendo when she began shooting at Lucie with insulting and threatening nocturnal text messages, which she described as "the dirtiest sl **" and "Qatar w ****". They warned ominously, "I watch every movement you make, you do not know what's coming." Jemma says she was in a state of "alcoholic obscuration" when she sent her – and never sobered it. She was arrested dramatically at a police attack in the morning and says three officers She wore a body armor, which she threw in pajamas in a police car.

"Betrayed": Jemma is portrayed with her former girlfriend Lucie Rose (right), a young lawyer whom Jemma bombarded with news after Lucie had an affair with her father. She faced an awkward lawsuit in the full boast of the media and possibly a six-month prison sentence. But despite being charged with harassment and brought to justice, she was spared the embarrassment of a full trial when the prosecution (CPS) dropped the case. When she gave her first interview with The Mail on Sunday, she admits that she is now "ashamed." But the feeling of betrayal has taken a much bigger toll. "All I can say is that it took 18 months to learn about the affair – which was the worst betrayal – and I would hit the deepest, darkest point of my addiction," she says. "The revelation had come so unexpectedly, I had the illusion that Lucie was the exact opposite of the person she was known for – there was never a clue that she would do that." Vitriol: Some of the menacing late-night Texts Jemma Keys sent to Lucie Rose: "You're the dirtiest slut I can imagine. How dare you. F *** me, your parents must be shaken in the end. This is my last message, but I told you to watch your back and I'm serious. I am proud to say that I will never be like you. "" Honey, do a plastic surgery because you look like a man. God knows what's under there. You Qatar w ****. "" I tell you, darling, go to the police because I watch every single move you make. You do not know what's coming. "If you go anywhere near him, you'll regret it." Then we suffered from this emotional roller coaster ride: months of false hope, anger, forgiveness, pain and pain. I thought she was my girlfriend. I was devastated, desperate and angry. "Of course I can not justify what I did, but I felt like my father was stolen, and the affair really destroyed my family and my relationship with Dad." He was my idol all my life and though I still love him, I do not know who He is anymore. I have nothing to say to him. "Jemma starts to move on and finally deals with her alcoholism. She says, "With addiction you lose everything – your friends, your self-esteem – in my heart I know it's time to come out and expose myself and say, I'm ready now, I'm sober and I intend to to rebuild my life. "At the moment, I have every excuse to drink in the sun. But every day is not a big achievement. "Thanks to Keys' fame, the family's domestic drama was clumsy in the public domain, and he parted ways with Sky Sports after 20 years in 2011, after he recorded and leaked sexist allusions he made about a female playofficial. Since then, he has worked in Qatar as the face of the NATIONAL BEIN Sports network, a subsidiary of Al Jazeera, where he met Lucie, then 27 years old and working for the Qatar Investment Authority, since the report of the affair in 2016 photographed together on Qatar beaches and taken on vacation to a luxury hotel in London, Julia has even written a book, The Manscript, about the infidelity in which Keys publicly – for the first time – publicly affaired Keys is currently presenting his World Cup coverage, his life is largely unchanged, but his family's poisonous effects of his betrayal are high "I met Dad for the first time in a year a few weeks ago," Jemma said. He said he was really proud of me for sobering up. I begged the police not to use the handcuffs. But I'm confused about what Dad told me, and it fueled my anger. The next day, I saw pictures of him in Gatwick with Lucie. I'm done with him now. "Jemma, casual in jeans and fluffy slippers, is amazingly open-hearted as she leans on the sofa of her new apartment in Sunningdale, Berkshire. Despite everything, she knows that she has come a long way some weeks. She does this interview not for advertising but for accountability: to prove to herself and others that she can overcome her addiction. Jemma was fired by Hollyoaks in 2007 when she became too drunk to get to the set. and in pantomime and as a runner on American Idol, she could not stop her escalating habit.

Divorce: Richard Keys with his wife Julia, who had found Lucie's confidential messages on his cell phone. There was a charge of assault, including an attack on her mother and an alcohol-driving belief. "Addiction made me selfish, I thought the world was about me, I was invincible," she admits. "I was aggressive and was arrested every other week because I was drunk in the street, I do not remember much about my life, I lost most of my friends, I was probably in rehab at least 20 times, there was no trigger for my behavior – it got worse and worse. "In this lonely context, she spent three months with her parents in Qatar in 2015, where Keys introduced her to the floor manager in the beIN studios, a girl of her age, who made her eat invited. "She lived with other British girls, including Lucie, in a western hotel complex. I thought Lucie would be nice. It was really a girl, talkative night. The next day, Lucie sent me a text to say how nice it was to meet me. "It was the beginning of a close friendship – but Jemma was just too open to the temptations." The girls would have to take me home because I would become paralytic. I used to darken. The next day I had to ask her what I had done. They could not stop me drinking. "Luucie has been a key part of the social scene and they regularly post pictures of themselves holding wine glasses in figure-hugging outfits." We went to bars or had dinner at my parents' house or in restaurants. We were close. I never noticed anything strange in the way Lucie was with Dad. Julia, a counselor, was suspicious before she found the WhatsApp news. Jemma never saw the news – her father's white face was enough. Julia has since revealed that Lucie had written, "Are you alright?" "I wish I was there to cuddle you." Jemma said, Keys confessed, more defensive than anything else. "Mama forgave him and thought they could do it." Jemma was angry, though. "I was so hurt I tried to contact Lucie, but she got her friend, I told her what had happened, and although she was shocked, she was not surprised, she told me that Lucie was always" the Lucie Dad has been my idol all my life Since then, Jemma has seen and contacted Keys only sporadically, she was in and out of rehab, and he was in the hospital because of a clogged artery. But the spiraling effect on her behavior was clear: when she started sending late-night lyrics to Lucie, she drank three bottles of wine every day from 8 am On October 31 last year, nine messages were sent out, another three on the 6th. November: It read: "You are the dirtiest slut I can imagine. How dare you. F *** me, your parents must be shaken in the end. This is my last message, but I told you to watch your back and I'm serious. I am proud to say that I will never be like you. & # 39; Another mocked, "Darling, get a plastic surgery because you look like a man. God knows what's under there. You Qatar w ****. "Lucie, who was working for London law firm Baker McKenzie at the time, reported to the police." At eleven o'clock in the morning of December 11, three policemen arrived at the door. "I was with Mum, still in pajamas," she says. "They arrested me for harassment, but I did not want to say why. I shivered – startled. They had handcuffs that I did not need. Mom was desperate. She kept saying: What are you doing? She's not feeling well, but she would not tell her what's going on. "Jemma was rushed to a London police station for hours and locked in a cell before she was interviewed. She cried as an official read the text message. Lucie's statement said she "always looked over her shoulder" and was afraid of being attacked. It was so terrible. I was ashamed. I thought: what? I said that? & # 39; It is not the person that I am. I would never have dealt with any threats. "Jemma was released on bail, and although she admitted to having sent the lyrics, she pleaded guilty at a hearing on December 22 for feeling uncomfortable at the time. A process was scheduled for March. It was a few dark months. My drinking was the worst thing it ever was. I would pray every night to wake up in the morning. I thought I was going to die. "But on March 15, the CPS dismissed the case after receiving new evidence and ruled that there was no realistic chance of conviction. & # 39; It has not dropped. Of course, I was relieved, but there were mixed feelings, still this anger and betrayal. "It's hardly surprising. Julia files for divorce and, after fighting a rare form of thyroid cancer, is attached to a friend while awaiting further cancer tests. The whole affair has caused Jemma to stay sober, resume her career, and focus on building her relationship with her longtime friend James. But what connects her future with her father is less clear. "I have nothing to say about Dad and Lucie. Dad tried, but he's not the person I used to know. We had such a laugh – we were so close. I miss my dad. "Would I see him today if he were here? At this moment I have no answer.


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