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Daniil Granin and Marina Chernysheva-Granina, 2017

Daniil Granin and Marina Chernysheva-Granina, 2017

(Photo: Alexey Druzhinin / RIA Novosti)

The daughter of the writer Daniil Granin, Marina Chernysheva-Granina, will consider filing a lawsuit against the director of the movie Blockade Diary Andrei Zaitsev for copyright infringement, she told RBC.

She said that she learned about the violation of rights from journalists and plans to verify the authenticity of this information. “They called me, told me, gave me the opportunity to see [трейлер] – that’s all what I know. None [из создателей фильма] personally didn’t ask me anything, no one turned to me [за разрешением использовать фрагменты книги]”She said.

Chernysheva-Granina noted that in case of copyright infringement, she plans to go to court: “We must first find out all the circumstances. If they really used the materials, then, of course, we will sue. Why encourage lawlessness? ”

Director Andrei Zaitsev told RBC that the film was shot with the support of the Ministry of Culture. He also said that the creators of the tape turned to Granina for permission to use the works of her father. “We have a license agreement dated 04.16.2019, signed with Chernysheva Marina Daniilovna, to use fragments from the work of Daniil Granin“ My Lieutenant ”in our film,” he says.

The director expressed the opinion that Granina could forget about the agreement, since she does not deal with copyright herself, but through a lawyer. “The lawyer Kirill Belyakov was engaged in concluding the agreement on her part. The contract signed on both sides, we transferred to him. We paid in a timely manner. We have all the long correspondence between him and us, ”he said.

RBC sent a request to the press service of the Ministry of Culture.

Earlier, Open Media published information that the daughter of Daniil Granin sues the authors of the movie Blockade Diary. The material also says that Marina Granina watched an excerpt of the film and stated that some horror and falsehood were blowing from him.



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