The day: Another stalker in front of Kylie Jenner’s house

The day
Another stalker in front of Kylie Jenner’s house

Would certainly like to be able to enjoy her happiness with Travis Scott in a more carefree way: Kylie Jenner is repeatedly harassed by stalkers.

(Foto: imago images/Runway Manhattan)

Instagram star Kylie Jenner has many admirers, no question about it, but some apparently don’t even know where the line is: the successful US entrepreneur has to defend herself against stalkers again and again. It came last just two weeks ago about a major incident: A man shows up in Holmby Hills and climbs over the fence to get Jenner Marriage proposal to do – however, he is on the property of your neighbors in front of the door. Blessing in disguise!

One of these men seems particularly persistent and says he keeps harassing the pregnant 24-year-old – so much so that she recently did obtained an injunction against him had. That doesn’t seem to impress the stalker, however, as he reappears at the gate of Jenner’s property on Boxing Day and rings the doorbell again and again. The reported the celebrity portal “TMZ”. So the story has a good ending for Jenner for the time being: Police arrest the stalker. A security deposit of US $ 20,000 is also required.



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