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The day blood gushed from the floor in a house in La Plata

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Por Marcelo Metayer, de la Agencia DIB

That Saturday, November 15, 1986, Luis Fersko and his wife Cipriana got up at the usual time. At around 7:30, before opening the “Foto Iris” business, on Calle 54-1310 in La Plata, Luis went out to buy the newspaper and the woman began to sweep. “When I opened the door to get the dirt out well,” he would tell later, “I saw blood coming out from the tiles. I don’t know what it will be or why ”. Thus, in the middle of the home routine, one of the strangest cases that have happened in the Buenos Aires capital began, and that to this day, decades later, continues without having a resolution. It was human blood, yes; this was confirmed by an analysis. But from who? And where did it come from? Was it a paranormal case, a crime, did they lie? Mystery.

The house had woken up with an extraordinary event. As the hours passed, the word spread and by noon the Fersko’s simple home was a tidal wave. It had been filled with onlookers, praying women, mystics. Luis, surrounded and amazed by the mob, confessed to the newspaper El Día: “We have lived in this house for 45 years and this has never happened. I am not a believer, my wife is. For me all that of God made man does not work. It’s my way of thinking. But this happened. I don’t know if it will be blood, as they say, or is it due to something else ”. Cipriana, who had discovered the event with her sister-in-law Blanca Rodríguez, added a detail, with her mind already set on the supernatural: “When they brought the image of the Mystic Rose, they brought it here for my husband to photograph. It was the first house that the Virgin visited ”. It refers to an image that the priest Ángel D’Auro, a family friend, brought from Europe, and which was later placed in the Nuestra Señora de la Victoria church, very close to the Fersko house. Detail: D’Auro, that weekend of blood would end up blessing the house and the premises of Foto Iris.

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The bloodstains inside the house followed a kind of path.

The blood stains could be seen from the door of the business and reached the kitchen, the last dependency of the house. It seemed that they were following a tour. “In the trade they are scattered circularly. These are reddish tongues, most of them already dry. Others, those at the bottom, maintain a semi-liquid state, as if they were coagulating. Whoever touches them is left with their red fingers and notices the viscosity similar to that of blood. This is corroborated by some policemen who jealously do not allow them to be stepped on ”, said the chronicler of the La Plata newspaper.

Among all the people who packed the place, crying for the miracle and dipping little pictures of saints in the red liquid, there were policemen. They were investigating the obvious: where that alleged blood had come from. Chief Commissioner Enzo Richero and Judge Nelky Martínez chatted with the Ferskos and left. The case already had a cover: “Presumed finding of blood sample.”

The neighbors in a few hours crowded the front from 54 to 1310. (Archive magazine Libre)
The neighbors in a few hours crowded the front from 54 to 1310. (Archive magazine Libre)

Meanwhile, the blood kept gushing out.

The next day

On Sunday the phenomenon continued, as did the visits of neighbors and onlookers, some as far away as Magdalena, Berisso and Ensenada. There was talk of “blood that marks like a wound on the floor”, of “miracle”, of “a message from beyond.”

The Fersko family: Luis, Oscar and Cipriana.  (Free magazine archive)
The Fersko family: Luis, Oscar and Cipriana. (Free magazine archive)

Oscar, the son of the Fersko couple, did not share the popular excitement. “This should not happen to adults,” he said, “since it is simply one of those cases for which there is never a logical explanation. People do not have to come to my house to pray, since we are not saints or anything like it ”. In addition, the young man had a leg in a cast and complained: “I have to go from one place to another to testify or to talk about the matter.”

The painting was already dantesque: “Elderly people praying, children ringing the bell insistently, couples trying to observe something through the curtain of the premises and some opportunists selling stamps or medals.”

It was also said that on the weekend two dark cars parked in front of the house, from which eight people got out who asked to see the house. It was a group of men and women who left no corner untouched. One of the women approached Mr. Fersko without his colleagues noticing and commented that they were waiting for this to happen. Then they withdrew.

Meanwhile, a parapsychologist, Daniel Sánchez, came to the scene to investigate what happened.

By Monday the blood had stopped coming out. Likewise, people continued to come to touch the already dry spots, while some people attacked the family and even a nearby graffiti appeared that read: “BLOOD IS A LIE.” Oscar insisted: “I don’t know what to say to these people.”


Several days passed and the case began to lose popularity. On November 19, the anniversary of La Plata was celebrated and everything else took a back seat. But on the 21st, a fundamental detail was revealed: what was found in the Fersko family’s apartment was human blood, type A +.

There two hypotheses appeared, which one was more improbable. One spoke of a crime in front of the house of 54 between 21 and 22. A neighbor had heard shots in the early hours of Saturday and when she looked out the window she saw an injured person being entered. No body related to the case was ever discovered.

While the other transcended was the last story that appeared in El Día. In a small box, eleven days after the mystery of 54 was known, the title read: “The case of the blood would be the work of a mentally altered person.” “They suspect a subject affected by esoteric fabrications,” he clarified. “Before next weekend there may be a concrete novelty,” crowned a police source. Nothing more was ever heard of this.

On the table

It took many years for more information to be known about the case of the “bleeding house”. Back in 2011 Oscar Fersko offered an interview – quoted on the now defunct website In search– in which he stated chilling details. Regarding the blood, he said that “the liquid followed a path towards the back of the house. Open door, door into which he entered. It ended on the road, in the hallway, and in the kitchen. Until he jumped again, but this time on top of the table. He left the table and that surprised us all ”.

Oscar assured that this journey “followed the path” made by the image of the Rosa Mystica inside the house when it was photographed by his father.

Nothing and nobody is left

Where the Fersko house used to be, an apartment building stands today.  (DIB)
Where the Fersko house used to be, an apartment building stands today. (DIB)

Three and a half decades later, the house no longer exists and an apartment building takes its place. And all the initial witnesses have died, including Oscar, who was young in 1986. In addition, the parapsychologist Daniel Sánchez ended up in a psychiatric hospital and the commissioner who entered the first day of the events, Enzo Richero, was the victim of a serious fire in his house in 2007. A curse?

The mystery of the “bleeding house of La Plata”, like others like it around the world, continues to await an answer. (DIB) MM

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