Saturday, 21 Apr 2018
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The day Laeticia Hallyday broke free from Johnny’s notoriety to become a star in its own right

Married to the most popular French artist, Laeticia Hallyday managed to break away from the idol of young people to become a conquering and committed woman. A real star. At the time, many did not give expensive skin of the couple. On March 25, 1996, Johnny Hallyday marries Laeticia Boudou , a 21-year-old woman with doll-like looks. We think she will live in the shadow of the French icon, eaten raw by the notoriety and demons of his man. After Sylvie Vartan and Nathalie Baye, the Taulier falls in love with an unknown model and sees her couple resist everything. The beautiful Laeticia, far from the first impressions, will become little by little the rock of the Hallyday family . In times blessed as in adversity, Laeticia Hallyday has changed over time. The first real change takes place in 2004, when the couple adopts Jade. Five years later, Johnny narrowly escapes death : A life of excess brings him to a particularly dark period of his life. As a daily heroine, his wife tames the media turmoil and appears in front of the magazine She in a sexy outfit and with new haircut. In a long interview, the model evokes her family life and quickly becomes a star in its own right. Laeticia continues his emancipation and actively manages the career of the singer, sorting out his relationships and managing to attract younger musicians around the beast stage. Matthieu Chédid, Yarol Poupaud, Maxime Nucci: the new collaborators of Johnny Hallyday will be those who will play in the church of the Madeleine during the religious ceremony in honor of their missing friend. A revival of youth for the idol of young people. By taking control, Laeticia will not only have managed to find a place in the sun. It will also have been able to restore the image of an aging star who is losing his bearings. By becoming the artistic director of the rocker, she reinvents her image and allows her to return to the front of the stage. “Laeticia is essential in the development of Johnny’s career, she is the absolute artistic director, she knows how far her husband’s image is, she knows how to beautify her. (…) Today, Laeticia has 30 years of history with the character she knows very often better than him what he is capable of said manager Sebastien Farran The Express in November 2017. While Johnny Lutt against lung cancer, it was she who had treated the communication of the rocker on social networks, giving hope to fans and trying to reassure loved ones. Before the ultimate breath of life and a message of exemplary sobriety : « Johnny Hally­day est parti. J’écris ces mots sans y croire, et pour­tant c’est bien cela. Mon homme n’est plus »she wrote on December 6 when her husband died. Thanks to her, Johnny left preserving the image of a loving family man, a loving husband and a singer who has never stopped renewing himself. Photo Credits: Bestimage

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