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If you say goodbye to football in a club that was born from literature, it is impossible that you do not make your best moments a beautiful story that you will tell for a thousand and one nights. José Luis Díaz he retired from football in the Takes sparks, that team that was created by the imagination of the journalist-writer Borocoto and that, having been a central theme in his weekly column in the magazine El Gráfica, was part of a film history in the film “Rag Ball”(1948). In the middle of those courts of the First C of Argentina (say, the fourth division of this country), Diaz He told the youngest in 2015: “I beat him (and scored) on River plate when I played in Peru. Not once, but twice. ” The last of those victories was with the shirt of the San Martin de Porres at the University of Sports stadium in Ate. Marcelo Gallardo He had returned to the millionaire club, but that night in March 2009 could not be monumental.

River vs. Flamengo: The problems of the Monumental with a view to the final of the Liberators, according to an important Spanish agency

River Plate vs. Flamengo: this was the last bitter visit of the millionaire to the Monumental stadium with Gallardo as a footballer

Those victories against the "band" box, in the Liberators Cup, had become a healthy custom for the saints, who came from obtaining the national double-championship with the technical direction of Victor ‘Chino’ Rivera. A year earlier, "El Comercio" titled on its sports cover: "Latter-day Saints" In 2008, that albo box that only had four years of creation exceeded with authority 2-0 the River by Diego Pablo Simeone. The ‘millionaires’ came from a 12-year run without falling in Lima (read the scandalous dance of Sporting Cristal, that orchestra team that reached performance peaks in 1996).

In that 2008, Marcelo Gallardo, who now returns to that same stadium to play the final of the Copa Libertadores against Flamengo, had not yet hit the river after finding a contract in the DC United of the Major League Soccer. Those who did come were Simeone, Radamel Falcao and Ariel Ortega. That Peruvian champion -with Leao Butrón, Guillermo Salas, Pedro García and the ‘Chino’ Huamán– He showed hierarchy despite his debutant status. The goals of the San Martin in 2008 were from Paraguay Roberto Ovelar and of Jose Diaz. In the Fox Sports broadcast, both Juan Pablo Varsky -still he did not go to DirecTV- like Mariano Closs, they said that this victory of the San Martin was as if the rector of the University of Belgrano formed a team and ended up beating Boca.

“Is it true that this team was born a year after the championship of the South American Cup of Cienciano? ”Varsky asked us from his press booth in the Monumental. The encounter with the same rival, in 2009, was for the saints a sacrament of confirmation. And now Gallardo did suffer, as if it were the worst of penances.

The Monumental stadium was designated by CONMEBOL as the stage for the final of the Copa Libertadores 2019 | Photo: EFE
The Monumental stadium was designated by CONMEBOL as the stage for the final of the Copa Libertadores 2019 | Photo: EFEMikhail Huacán | EFE

Those who witnessed that 2-1 victory saw, live and direct, a team title with international significance. The eleven led by Rivera knew that this meeting commented by few and, perhaps, expected by no one, was the match of their lives. And so they played it to beat him again River plate, which began its times of sports crisis (they descended to the second division two years later). The ‘Doll’ entered the second half, but could not get the fall reversed.

"The merit was not mine, the San Martin is a team above all," said the archer Leao Butrón in the mixed zone of the Monumental after that great victory where they scored Gonzalo ‘Hachita’ Ludueña and ‘Pepe’ Díaz (Radamel discounted). Leao He was right, but there were some repeated figures in the two victories. And one of them was José Díaz, who scored in both games. Those who defended ‘Takes sparks’In 2015 they listened very carefully to these stories in the mouth of Díaz. It was impossible for Pepe to miss the opportunity to remember all that greatness. That same year 2015, Marcelo Gallardo He was already loaded on his shoulders for winning his first Copa Libertadores as a River coach.

The last memory of Marcelo Gallardo He was not happy with the Monumental of Ate. The San Martin surpassed him in his last years as a player in River plate. Now he will return with the journey of three Liberators won with the ‘millionaire’ (two as a coach and one as a player). Whatever happens with Flamengo, Gallardo will have a statue on the outskirts of the Monumental de Núñez in Buenos Aires. He will have a very tough rival with that ‘Fla’ worked in Europe. The figure of the "Doll" has risen to levels of sports legend. He earned it by hand. Anyway, when he makes the field recognition at the stadium in Ate, the memory of that 2-1 against San Martin may land in the coach's mind. That night, Marcelo left annoyed and undeclared. He was not gallardo, nor monumental. The only colossus was José Díaz.

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