The deadliest spider in the world can modify its venom

The spider Australian funnel cloth, one of the few that with its bite can be lethal for the humansis able to modify the composition of its poison depending on the situation.

A recent study on how funnel-web spiders produce their poison has revealed that factors such as heart rate and the attitude of this lethal insect affect the composition and proportions of the toxin that is concentrated at the ends of its fangs, according to a statement from the James Cook University of Australia.

The poison of these arachnids It is a substance that, although harmless to cats and dogs, is deadly to primates, including humans. It has long been known that the poison of these spiders it consists of complex ‘cocktails’ and has a wide range of potential applications, both in pesticide manufacturing and in the field of pharmacology.

The experts of the Cook University collected samples from four species of Australian funnel-web spiders: ‘Hadronyche valida‘, ‘Hadronyche angry‘, ‘Hadronyche cerberea’ y ‘Robust horse’, and subjected them to different tests, such as pricking with forceps and inflating with air.

Venom altering based on your heart rate

“We observe their behavior and measure their heart rate with a laser monitor to establish a surrogate value for your metabolic rate. We then collected their venom and analyzed it with a mass spectrometer.”explained the doctor Linda Hernandez Duran.

The scientist noted that the researchers found that certain spiders had variations in his poison depending on different factors, such as defensiveness and heart rate.

Three species of spiders showed no relationship between their behavior, heart rate, and venom composition. However, in the spider ‘Hadronyche valida‘ the increase in heart rate and the defensive reaction strongly influenced the composition of the toxin.

“As a result, spiders may use different behavioral strategies to offset these costs. [metabólicos]. Our results suggest that las spiders can increase your metabolic rate when they use poison and reduce their movement when faced with a threat,” Durán explained.

Los scientists suggest that their study could provide valuable information for the Human health.

Source: RT News

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