The death of a teacher in front of her students in Riyadh .. and her father tells

A wave of grief swept the female students in a secondary school in Riyadh, after the death of a teacher in front of them.

Yesterday, Thursday, Sheikha Al-Mawash suffered a heart attack while in the classroom, which led to her death before being taken to the hospital.

In this context, Abdul Aziz Al-Mawash, the teacher’s father, told what happened to the media.

Fell to the ground

He said: “My daughter Sheikha went to work in a secondary school in the Suwaidi neighborhood in Riyadh. After completing the third class and entering the class in a waiting class, she fell to the ground.”

He also explained that the principal of the school took up the situation immediately, and helped the teachers to call the ambulance and transfer Sheikha to the hospital. But Sheikha did not recover from the heart attack and died.

Tag #Sheikha_Al-Mawash

He added: “Praise be to God, she died while fasting, performing her mission in the teaching profession and providing a service to her country.”

In addition, social media activists interacted with the teacher’s story under the hashtag #Sheikha_Al-Mawash. And tweets continued from her fellow teachers and students, who recalled her educational and religious efforts at school.