The death of a young man from a bee sting.. astonishment and sadness in a village in Egypt

A state of great sadness prevailed among the people of an Egyptian village over the death of a young man in a strange way after he was stung by a bee.

The village of Menouf, affiliated to the center and city of Tanta, Gharbia Governorate, witnessed the death of a 32-year-old young man named Nader Khaled Al-Jazzar, after being stung by a bee.

Although the young man was taken to the hospital for treatment, the doctors were unable to save him, as he suffers from allergies.

In the details, it was found that Nader, who had recently married, had recently rented a station to collect agricultural crops, and while continuing his work, he was stung by a bee, and he passed out, after which he was transferred to a private hospital, where the doctors’ attempts to save him were unsuccessful.

Young Nader Khaled Al-Jazzar

His heart stopped!

For his part, Dr. Abdel Nasser Hamida, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Health in Gharbia, explained that the young man arrived at the hospital with what is known as acute allergic shock as a result of being stung by bees, which led to cardiac arrest.

He also mentioned that the doctors performed cardiopulmonary resuscitation for him, using an electric shock device, but the heart did not respond, due to his suffering from excessive sensitivity, which is a very rare case.

He concluded by noting that he died in hospital as a result of that, and the Public Prosecution office, which carried out the investigation, was notified.

Young Nader Khaled Al-Jazzar

Young Nader Khaled Al-Jazzar

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