The death of Aiten Amer’s mother during her wedding – under the pretext and evidence


The death of Aiten Amer’s mother during her wedding free pen, a beautiful glow on a new day through our site where we are always keen to provide a wonderful content of the leading news, we would like to admire our dear visitors in the Arab world, and sincere to us also to provide news from the real sources with full transparency and credibility Through our website “Free Pen – the leading pioneer in the Arab region. Through the site of free pen from the heart of the event we follow all the modern news and we monitor and analyze for leadership and event news where the death of the mother, “Samah,” played by actress Aiten Amer in the series “Ayoub” because of her grief on her son, the artist Mustafa Shaaban hero of the series, Due to checks of 10,000 pounds he could not pay. This comes at a time when Samah is married to Mansur, in conjunction with her brother’s detention, the death of her mother and the detention of her brother’s wife in hospital. Ayoub’s story began with Mustafa Shaaban’s dealings with Mohammed Lotfi, who owns a hardware store And because of the poverty he is going through he is forced to write checks and bills for Mohammed Lutfi, after the first bought him electrical appliances for the marriage of his sister (artist Aiten Amer). “Ayoub” by Mohammed Sayed Bashir, starring Mustafa Shaaban, Ayten Amer, Mirhan Hussein, Mohammed Lotfi, Hana Zahid, directed by Ahmed Saleh. We would like to thank everyone who read the news very carefully and we loved to bring the views closer to the true leadership. We are always at your best. The death of Aiten Amer ‘s mother during her wedding The free pen. We hope that we have enjoyed your admiration everywhere. Aiten Amer during her wedding through our free pen, we do not forget to follow up the work of “Laik Wachir” through the social networking pages of our website “The free pen – the first pioneer in the Arab region” we wish to share the news through social networking sites. Source : The delegation


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