The death of little Domenico Bandieramonte, two prosecutors who will deal with the case

There are two prosecutors – that of Messina and that of Catania – which will deal with the tragedy that killed Domenico Bandieramonte the day after he turned 4, through their respective investigative files. The little boy died, on the night between Wednesday and yesterday, at the “San Vincenzo” pediatric hospital in Taormina. The body of the child, a native of Lampedusa, was placed under sequestration. The parents, the mother Ambra Cucina for days and days launched appeals and told the child’s torture through social media, have filed a complaint.

Infected with hospital bacterium? The 4-year-old died overnight

According to what was told by the child’s mother, to kill the child – who had been taken several times to Catania hospitals for a banal intestinal virus – it would have been a hospital bacterium (l’Enterococco ndr.) taken while inoculating the tube.

At the disposal of the regional councilor for health, Ruggero Razza, the medical director of the San Marco hospital in Catania, Antonio Lazzara, has already set up an internal investigation commission composed of the directors of the infectious disease units, pediatric surgery and the medical management of hospital unit. “I am sure – said the regional councilor yesterday – that the judiciary will clarify what happened but, in the meantime, it is important to understand if all the procedures have been carried out correctly”.

The death of little Domenico, commission of inquiry of the Region

The ASP of Messina, which has prohibited the doctors of the Taormina hospital from issuing any declaration on the death of the child, has rallied around the family. The child had been hospitalized in Taormina on day 7 and died there, after being admitted to the intensive cardiac surgery department. “He was subjected to intensive care (including Ecmo) – wrote the Asp in a statement – but the desperate clinical picture left no room for any clinical improvement, therefore following careful diagnostic tests, and a long procedure of confirmation of brain death, his death was ascertained at 20.33 of 13.07.2022. All the medical and paramedical staff and the Asp Messina management cling to the pain of family members ”.

The mother, Ambra Cucina, has asked during all these days – and continues to do so even now – “justice”. “Justice” for little Domenico.

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