Amman – Lifestyle Jordanian artist Majid al-Zawahra died Thursday, aged 45, after suffering a heart attack, the Jordanian Ministry of Culture announced. The ministry named the late artist in a statement, according to "Sky News Arabia", saying that "the loss of Zawahra at the beginning of the youth, and in the beginning of his artistic tender is a loss of Jordanian drama, which seeks through youth energies to rise again." "I greet you colleague and friend Majid al-Zawahra, who went to the mercy of God on Thursday evening and expressed his condolences to his family and the clan of Zawahra and colleagues," said Jordanian Arts Captain Hussein Al-Khatib. The late artist was distinguished by his roles in the Bedouin series, like his father, the late artist Mohammed Al-Zawahra, who presented him to the artistic milieu through a number of works of art and drama. Zawahra was recognized by a number of local artworks, such as "Falconers", "Keene Siddiqui" and "Nehil", as well as "The Flood", which was screened on a number of Arab satellite channels.

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