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AFP A patient arrives at a hospital in Brooklyn

In the past 24 hours, 594 people have died in the US state of New York as a result of infection with the new corona virus. Governor Andrew Cuomo announced this on Sunday. The lung disease already killed 4,159 people in New York, the epicenter of the epidemic in the United States.

Compared to Saturday, when New York mourned 630 new deaths, authorities recorded a slight drop in the death toll on Sunday, but Cuomo says it is “too early” to draw any conclusions.

Statistics on new hospital admissions and the number of intubated patients are also slightly declining, but there is “two or three more days” to wait to see a trend, Cuomo warned. New York State may be “very close to the peak” in the number of infections, or “maybe the peak is a plateau and we are there now,” he added.

New York is currently the epicenter of the epidemic in the US, with about a third of the total number of registered infections. As in other hard-hit states, such as Illinois and Louisiana, there is a shortage of ventilation equipment. Another 1,100 soldiers have traveled to New York to set up field hospitals, Defense Secretary Mark Esper reported on CNN on Sunday.

“Tough week”

In the meantime, the spread of the virus is still increasing and new hot spots are expected to emerge in other parts of the country. “Sadly, this is going to be a tough week,” said expert and presidential adviser Anthony Fauci on CBS. If the restrictive measures are properly followed, the epidemic curve could flatten within two weeks, he expects.

Currently there are more than 321,000 registered infections in the US, the highest number in the world. More than 8,500 people have now died, according to data from John Hopkins University.

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