The decline of political will

The decline of political will

This is how our ideological field has been shaped: the rights defend the facts and their corresponding vocabulary (objectivity, limitations, the difficulty of the task, the scarcity of resources, the possible); the left are for the alternatives and even for the utopia, and hence they often speak of imagination and criticism, faculties that do not get along very well with reality, from which they have taken off and even fight openly. If we take for granted this simplification (which, like all, fakes a little things, but thanks to it serves to guide us) we can see the curious novelty that today some conservatives are those who have less appreciation for reality and lie with greater cheek ; the ability to fabulate certain characters of the histrionic right far surpasses the imagination of their opponents. Maybe we are entering an era in which creativity begins to be a property of reactionaries. Think of the Olympic contempt for the objectivity of a character like Donald Trump or the lies of Brexit. The American tycoon has argued, against all evidence, that he did not support the invasion of Iraq, that Barack Obama was born outside the United States or that Mexican emigration has grown dramatically (when in fact it has not stopped falling in the last ten years). As for the Brexit , it is enough to remember that Nigel Farage made the campaign denouncing that the United Kingdom pays 350 million pounds a week to belong to the European Union, when in reality it contributed half. Reflecting on these cases can help us to better understand the world in which we live and, more specifically, the type of political culture that we are configuring. Surely this lack of appreciation for rights is one of the factors that explains the growing polarization of political life. Political combat develops without reality being involved and revolves around useful fictions. The technocrats sought reality to confirm or deny their hypotheses; the populists prefer the construction of mobilizing metaphors. Hence the proliferation of “stories” and even conspiracy theories. The framing ( framing ) enjoys absolute power; the verisimilitude is more important than the true. These narrative constructions fulfill a function similar to that of the myth of the pre-painted societies.

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