The deconfinement continues: here is all that is authorized as of this Wednesday (video)

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A new phase of deconfinement begins on July 1. Many activities will again be able to revive. But what can we expect?

It’s a noise you can hear again tomorrow: that of your children’s diving in a public swimming pool. No a priori limitation on the number of swimmers, but strict cleaning measures for the cabins, which in practice will sometimes reduce the capacity by two thirds.

Another recovery, that of indoor sports. In the rooms and changing rooms, 50 people, maximum. Basic sanitary measures are in force and a distance of 5 meters will be respected between athletes and their trainer. And beware for coaches, a distance of 5m is to be respected.

To let off steam, tomorrow, go ahead for the indoor playgrounds. Maximum 100 people, wearing a mask recommended for people over 12, and disinfection several times a day.

From tomorrow also raise the curtain in theaters, with there too, number limitations. In total, 200 people will be accepted indoors, count 400 for performances organized outside. The rules are also the same for cinema, with 200 people per room and a space of at least one meter between each spectator.



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