After the incident in a Frankfurt luxury hotel on Friday is determined against ex-cyclist Jan Ullrich on. This applies both to the suspicion of attempted manslaughter as well as the dangerous bodily injury, confirmed the Frankfurt police on Sunday.

For a report of the "Bild" newspaper, according to which the 44-year-old after his forced internment in psychiatry leave the institution again, there was initially no confirmation at the weekend. The police did not declare responsibility for this, and Ullrich's law firm initially did not comment on Sunday. Ullrich is said to have attacked and injured an escort lady in the Frankfurt Nobel Hotel. According to the prosecutor's office, the former professional cyclist is said to have choked the 31-year-old in such a way that her eyes went black. The hotel staff alerted the police at the request of the prostitutes.

When arrested early Friday morning Ullrich allegedly have been under the influence of alcohol and drugs. On Friday evening he was provisionally admitted to a psychiatric specialist clinic in the Taunus. The investigators spoke of an "urgent decision": Ullrich's mental and physical condition had been a danger to himself and others at the time.

Ullrich publicly admitted a few days ago private problems: "The separation of Sara and the distance to my children, I have not seen since Easter and barely spoken, have taken me very much. As a result, I have done and taken things that I very much regret, "the 1997 Tour de France winner had told the" Bild "newspaper on Monday. Ullrich had also announced that he wanted to do therapy out of love for his children. What kind of therapy it is, he did not say.

Almost exactly a week before the Frankfurt incident Ullrich was in the headlines because of a dispute on the property of his neighbor Til Schweiger on Mallorca. Ullrich was temporarily detained by the Spanish police and released after around 24 hours. Over the course of the dispute, the two men made different statements to "Bild" and "Bild am Sonntag".

Athlete with understanding

Former biathlon star Magdalena Neuner showed understanding for Ullrich's situation. "I know what pressure top athletes are exposed to. I can understand that you can break it, "said the two-time Olympic champion of the" Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung ". "I'm really sorry for the man Jan Ullrich. It is terrible. "

The former football international Stefan Effenberg said about Ullrich's situation in the "Bild am Sonntag": "That's tragic." He wishes Ullrich Kraft and "especially the right people at his side," said Effenberg. "In his environment one has to clean up properly. I hope that will succeed. "


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