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The Defender of Rights will respond quickly to Vincent Lambert's parents

This is a new stage in the lengthy procedure initiated by Vincent Lambert's parents to oppose stopping the care given to the young man, who has been quadriplegic for 10 years. The lawyers of Viviane and Pierre Lambert announced, Monday, May 13, that they had seized the Defender of rights. An announcement that comes a few days after the announcement to the family of the interruption of care, scheduled by the hospital in Reims in the week of May 20.

"The Defender of Rights is responsible for the proper application, in France, of the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities"explains Jean Paillot, one of Vincent Lambert's two parents' lawyers. However, through the Committee on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, the UN on Saturday [4 May] called on France to suspend any decision to stop treatment in order to examine the appeal submitted to it by Vincent Lambert's parents. .

Vincent Lambert, a "singularly complex" subject

"As soon as the Defender of Rights has received all the documents, he will do his best to send his response to the claimant by the end of the week"explains La Croix a spokeswoman for the Defender of Rights. Who adds: "In any case, an appeal to the Defender of Rights is never suspensive. "

"France has contracted bonds"

For the lawyers of Vincent Lambert's parents, it is therefore a question of compelling France to respect the request for postponement made by the UN committee. "France has assumed obligations by ratifying this international convention, and it must respect it"still explains Me Paillot.

On May 7, France sent the UN a six-page brief. According to the information collected by La Croix, the French Government considers that it is not bound by the request of the Committee on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, as its opinions are advisory. The drafters of this memoir affirm in essence that the procedure of stopping the care was considered legal and valid by all jurisdictions consulted, France is not forced to wait for the opinion of the UN in the matter.

On April 24th, the Council of State had judged in accordance with the law the collegiate decision of stop of care, taken on April 9th, 2018 by the CHU of Reims to put an end to a "Therapeutic relentlessness" but challenged by part of the family.

The "Support Committee Vincent Lambert", which includes those who oppose the termination of care, provides for a mobilization Sunday, May 19 in front of the Reims hospital.


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