More than 200 British Airways passengers flew from Orlando to London in a three-day flight that had been bogged down for two days at two different airports.

The 2036 flight at Gatwick Airport was due to depart from Orlando Thursday night, but mechanical problems caused the aircraft to land in Florida for 24 hours.

When the plane left on Friday night, it had not gotten far, draining fuel in mid-air and lowering the landing gear at high altitude before being diverted to JFK airport.

"I was pretty scared," said Daisy May Dixon, 14.

Smoking leaflets like Dixon would be lying overnight in Terminal 7 on the ground, they said.

British Airways sent an aid plane to bring the angry passengers back to London on Saturday.

A spokesman for British Airways described the problems as a "minor technical problem" and apologized to customers for the delay. They claimed that they wanted to come to London "as soon as possible".


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