The Delta mutation ignores vaccination and spreads faster, experts say

The coronavirus delta mutation is currently spreading mainly in the United States, but has also been confirmed in other countries, including the Czech Republic. The prestigious American daily The Washington Post published a disturbing CDC document, according to which an infected person infects an average of up to nine other people. Regardless of the antibodies, carriers also occur between the two doses of vaccine vaccinated.

The authenticity of the document was confirmed by the center’s director Rochelle Walensky. According to her, the situation cannot be downplayed. “This is serious. It is one of the most transmissible viruses we know of, “she told CNN, assigning the Delta variant to measles or chickenpox.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommended changing the guidelines for the fully vaccinated. According to experts, it is necessary for them to wear mouth and nose protection, especially in locations with a high risk of infection. It should be worn at all times by students, employees and visitors to public institutions.

“In order to cope with the situation, we need extreme measures,” Walensky emphasized, adding that the recent data was an unsurprising summary of current developments.

Biden: This is an American tragedy

The spread of the disease is approximated by the so-called reproductive number (R). The higher it is, the faster the number of infected people. In the Czech Republic, this number so far indicates a slowdown in the epidemic, on Thursday R remained at 0.90. In the case of the Delta variant, according to the CDC, the reproduction number is between 8 and 9. There are not many similar infectious diseases.

If a fully vaccinated person becomes infected with the Delta mutation, they are said to have the same number of viruses as unvaccinated individuals. Thanks to the vaccine, it is better protected against serious health complications, but it can be caused by eight or nine other people.

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Due to the deteriorating situation in the country, US President Joe Biden has promised to take a number of new steps that will lead to the vaccination of more people. For example, all federal workers will have to have the vaccine injected. Whoever refuses will be punished. “This is an American tragedy. “People who would not have to die are dying and will die,” Biden pointed out at the sad statistics.