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The "Democratic Football Lads & # 39; Alliance" march becomes violent when right-wing extremists clash with police officers

CENTRAL London erupted into violent scenes after anti-fascist activists tried to block a march of the Democratic Football Lads & # 39; Alliance.
Dozens of DFLA protesters fought with police, including one threatening a police officer and loudly shouting "I'm going to kill you."
London News Images Today's DFLA march in London clashed with police. The clash – which led to at least one arrest – came about, although the Alliance told its followers to remain "respectful and decent" during today's demonstration.
Some hostile-looking men had to be held back to join their friends in the fighting, the press association said.
The anti-fascist network said that its counter-demonstration, which showed opposition to the event, resulted in the DFLA being "trapped" by its black-clad supporters and police following the Alliance's march.
On Facebook, DFLA organizers said they were protesting against "returning jihadists, thousands of AWOL migrants, rape gangs and groomers," and "veterans being treated like traitors."
London News Pictures There have been clashes between supporters of the Democratic Football Lads & # 39; Alliance and anti-racist protesters. London News Pictures Many voices were heard, "Whose streets are our streets?" As they marched through the capital today, the organizers of London News Pictures had asked people "to take to the streets to pay the cost of austerity To emphasize knife crime, the victims of rape and abuse and the post-traumatic stress disorder Our irresponsible government is responsible for "Before today's event, they had urged people to" take to the streets to the cost of austerity, uncontrolled knife crime, the victims of rape and abuse and the PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder) for which our non-responsible government is responsible.
"We must be aware that the left will try to incite you to provoke violence." Remember, if you answer, you can also give them a child who is being abused, so stand up, stand proud, do not enter into it.
"We're going to grab the media's attention, that's our chance to influence the nation, get the government to stand up and take notice, we're the kingmakers.
"This will be the day we saved our country from West Monster."
Rex Features Flares were also launched during the rally London News Images Hundreds of DFLA supporters went from Park Lane to Whitehall in London Hundreds of DFLA supporters went from Park Lane to Whitehall before some of them started punching their police escorts, the PA reported.
Peter Mantell, 53, who participated in the Crayford demonstration, told the PA, "I detest some of the people I go with, many of whom hate people for the color of their skin.
"I'm a left-handed person, but I think we should have a voice against people who want to hurt everyone and do harm."
He also admitted that he was a supporter of former English defense league leader Tommy Robinson.
London News Pictures Prior to the event, the Metropolitan Police appealed and called for a peaceful event. "Whatever your opinion is," said editor-organizers DFLA supporters (top left) on Facebook: "We need to be aware that the left are going to try to incite you to provoke them to violence." London News Pictures Thousands of people The march was attended by anti-fascist groups involved in a counter-demonstration, and many demonstrators were heard: "Whose roads? Our roads? As they marched down the Pall Mall.
Dozens of horse and riot police officers tried to control the swelling groups with police cars trying to block them, as some were yelling at them for allegedly inaction against "paedos and gangs," MailOnline reported.
One person who looked at the altercations described it on Twitter as "absolutely unkempt chaos". you [DFLA] miserable march blocked by a much larger anti-fascist involvement ".
Another man tweeted "seeing intense scenes in Trafalgar Square as a spectator, without any political stance, I was just abused by a man with a shaved head swinging a flag of St. George's Cross and a small child towing around. "
Facebook / Anti-Fascist Network Anti-fascist demonstrators wore black clothes at the marchDON & # 39; T PANIC In luxury panic rooms with gun racks and bullet-proof glass for the super-rich NO BETTER Who is Beto O & Rourkes wife Amy Hoover Sanders and how old you? Cancer Survivor Said to Leave The Store Because Scars Caused Customer Scarcity POOL FOR THE SCHOOL Yellow School Bus Bringing Children Into the Pool THIRST HURDLE Boozy Night Owls in the World's Wildest Racetrack BLACK AN BLUE Disturbing pictures show injuries of girls, 4, who was beaten to death
Prior to the event, the Metropolitan Police announced that they had imposed on the DFLA planned marches and rallies as well as the anti-fascist counter-demonstration with conditions.
This required protesters to begin their walk in Park Lane and continue along Piccadilly, St. James's Street, Pall Mall, Trafalgar Square, and ending in Whitehall.
The troupe asked those present to "behave peacefully, whatever your view is … failure to comply with these terms may result in arrest and prosecution."
The Guardian said that "thousands" of people participated in the event.
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